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Complaints Procedure

Happy English UK Ltd welcomes concerns, compliments and complaints as valuable feedback that can help us learn from experiences and improve the quality of our services.

As defined in our terms and conditions, a “complaint” covers any cause for the student to seek a refund or a lesson re-credit as a result of the service provided by the Happy English UK, including, but not limited to, a missed lesson (where the teacher did not attend a lesson booked on the website) or a claim against quality (where the student or parent/guardian feels that the service provided by a teacher falls below the standards they reasonably expected).

What should I do if I have a complaint?

A student should first speak directly with their teacher to express any concerns or dissatisfaction with the service received. Your teacher is always your first contact and as she or he knows you and your situation best. If possible, the teacher will resolve the matter immediately. We aim for as many complaints as possible to be resolved at the first point of contact, as we take our students’ satisfaction and happiness very seriously.

If the teacher cannot resolve the complaint immediately, he or she will acknowledge the complaint in writing and set out the expected time frame for investigating the complaint. Happy English UK aims to acknowledge all complaints with 3 working days.

If the teacher resolves the complaint but the student is not satisfied with the outcome, the student should put their complaint in writing and email it to Happy English UK, giving details of the complaint and why they are not satisfied with the outcome. Happy English UK aims to acknowledge all written complaints with 3 working days.

When should I complain?

You should make your complaint as soon as possible and within 10 days of the event. This time limit can be extended once the complaint has been logged, if further time is required to carry out a satisfactory investigation. We are not able to deal with retrospective complaints.

How long will it take?

This will depend on what your complaint is about and how complex it is. Happy English UK do not require complaints to be investigated within a set timescale, but instead we will agree an individual and acceptable timescale with you.

Investigating the complaint

The complaint will be investigated, and you will receive the findings of that investigation along with an appropriate apology and details of any learning or changes made as a result of the findings of the investigation. If applicable, and depending on the nature of our findings, you may receive a refund, partial refund or lesson re-credit.