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Teacher Lindsay

About Lindsay

Lindsay is a qualified primary school teacher with over 15 years teaching and leadership experience. She specialises in young learners and in teacher training and mentoring.

Lindsay has worked as a specialist lead teacher and an independent education consultant. She is passionate about providing all children with high quality teaching and learning experiences.

Lindsay is particularly passionate about early reading, communication and phonics. Alongside her extensive knowledge in these areas, she wholeheartedly believes that these first foundations are the essential blocks upon which to build both happiness and success.

Lindsay ensures that all children, regardless of age or ability, are given the right tools to learn well. Her happy, smiley and positive attitude quickly puts all her students at ease.

Lindsay lives in a small town called Worksop in the U.K. with her partner Richard, baby daughter Poppy and her two step children: Millie and Oliver. She also has two naughty cats called Ollie & Louie.

Lindsay loves to spend time with her family and friends, listen to music and has recently started to sew! Her favourite colour is yellow like the sunshine and her favourite animals are penguins!

Five interesting facts about Lindsay

As well as teaching in the U.K. I have taught in Portugal and Gambia.
I was so excited recently when I fed my favourite animals – the penguins!
I have travelled to over 15 different countries, including the Caribbean and Kenya where I have been on safari twice!
I danced from being 2 years old until I was 18 years old. I have danced all over the U.K. in shows, have competed in major dance competitions and have also performed on London’s famous West End Stage!
I love to be silly and get into character for my classes! I once painted my entire body blue when I dressed up as Rama during Diwali celebrations!