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Teacher Ruby

About Ruby

Ruby is a qualified primary school teacher, who specialises in early years and primary age teaching but also loves to teach older students and adults. She loves to travel and meet people from different countries, so teaching with Happy English UK is her perfect job!

Ruby has worked as a specialist early years and special needs teacher. She has experience teaching both children and adults, and is passionate that learning should be fun!

Ruby loves stories and games, and using learning to promote good conversation and language skills.

As well as being a qualified teacher, Ruby is also an Outdoor Learning assistant, and helps children and adults learn about the natural world around them. She is a positive, happy teacher who likes to make her students smile!

Ruby lives in the city if Sheffield in the UK, with her partner. She loves to knit, and enjoys reading and baking.
Ruby loves to be with her family and friends, and to cook for them! Her favourite colour is turquoise like the sea, and her favourite animal is an owl.

Five interesting facts about Ruby

I enjoy sports, such as horse riding, yoga and archery!
I got to hold an Armadillo and a Lemur at a zoo!
I like to be in nature, and help people learn about the plants and animals all around them.
I have been to lots of countries, including Canada and Japan!
I love to make things, including knitting scarves and baking cakes!