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Can I have a free trial class?

Absolutely! We would love to meet you and show you our fun curriculum and teaching style. Every new student is entitled to a free 25-minute trial class, with no commitment.

We are excited to meet you! Please book your free trial here.

How do I book my lessons?

After your free trial, the teacher will discuss your availability, class duration and class frequency with you. Classes will be scheduled for the same time each week, at a time that is suitable for you.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

If you need to book a holiday or if your child is sick and can’t come to class, please let us know as early as possible. If we’re informed more than 24 hours in advance for a holiday, or as soon as possible in the case of illness, then we will try to arrange a replacement class for you, where possible. Replacement classes will be offered with the child’s own teacher when possible but may sometimes need to be with a substitute teacher. All teachers are directly employed by Happy English UK Ltd and are therefore friendly, experienced, professional and fun!

If we are not informed of your child’s absence before the start of class, then we are unfortunately unable to provide a replacement class. (In the case of students who have purchased a block of lesson credits, a lesson credit will be deducted as for a normal class.) This is because the teacher must still be paid for their time for attending the class. We thank you for your understanding.

How will I have my lessons?

All our lessons are conducted in an online classroom or meeting room, called Zoom.

Zoom is the leading online video conferencing software for language tutors and online language schools.

Using Zoom is easy, but we recommend having a look at the Zoom website and learning more about it before your first class. For more information, or for any troubleshooting, go to The website is available in a variety of languages, so that all our students are able to access it confidently – just one of the many reasons we love them! Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and select your language from the drop-down list.

How do I join my lesson?

Before your lesson the teacher will send you a link to your online classroom with Zoom: simply click the link and you’ll be taken to class! Easy, right?

You will be asked to enter a password, which will also be given to you by the teacher.

You can join the lesson in your web browser or, if you prefer, you can download and install the Zoom app and your lesson will then open in the app.

Can I access the lesson recordings after class?

Yes, absolutely. All our lessons are recorded by Zoom and the teacher will send you a link to the recording after class. We know that re-watching lessons can really help you to make good progress by consolidating your learning.

Recordings are stored by zoom for 30 days after the class. During this time, you can download the video to your own device if you wish to keep it for longer.

How can I pay for lessons?

Our current payment methods include Paypal, secure online package purchases, or monthly invoicing. We accept international cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

Students in China can purchase lessons through our WeChat official account and shop.

I’m worried: what if I don’t understand the teacher?

Please don’t worry – your teacher is very experienced in teaching English to students of all ages and all levels. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we frequently teach beginners.

Immersion in a new language can feel like a scary thought, but it’s very rewarding too and we’re confident that you’ll have fun once you try it! Even if you start your lesson with no English, we’ll make sure you leave with the first few words already under your belt. How exciting!

Can I take lessons even if I’m a complete beginner?

Of course! Many of our students start with us as complete beginners. Your experienced and highly qualified teacher will walk you through an informal assessment of your current English level and will tailor the content of your lessons to your own needs and aims.

All learners of all levels are welcome, and you will be expertly guided by our patient and friendly teachers.

How often should I have lessons?

The frequency of lessons will depend on you and your personal preference and schedule. For the best outcome we recommend lessons twice a week, on non-consecutive days, with an independent review of the lesson content or a homework task in-between. But lessons can also be very successful with just one session a week. We will help you to make it work with whatever time you are able to commit to your language learning.

What speed internet connection do I need to take lessons?

Although we don’t have a formal minimum requirement, it can be frustrating if your lessons don’t run smoothly because of a poor connection. We recommend a minimum download speed of 10mbps to ensure that you can communicate fluidly with your teacher.

Do you employ non-native speaking English teachers?

No, all of our teachers are native speakers from the UK. Although there are many excellent American or non-native teachers, we feel that learning from a native speaker, and from just one teacher exclusively, is hugely beneficial if you want to develop natural sounding British pronunciation and speech patterns.

What’s the minimum age for students?

There is no minimum or maximum age for students. We believe that exposure to, and immersion in, a foreign language benefits children and adults of all ages, even if we don’t immediately see the effects!

Your teacher will adapt the lessons to suit each individual student and is experienced in making lessons fun and engaging, even for very young children. For our youngest students, we simply ask that the parent/carer sits with the child to encourage interest or participation where appropriate. It may also be necessary to move around with your child with your tablet/laptop so that the teacher and student can see and hear each other.

Do I need to submit homework?

All homework from Happy English UK is optional.

We know that fun tasks and games can help to consolidate your learning, but we also know that school work/family time are very important. There are only 24 hours in the day! We can set small homework tasks that will help you to practise your English, but we won’t ever bombard you. If you enjoy the task and want to do it, great! If not, then that’s fine too.

If you’d like to change the type or frequency of homework set, then please speak to your teacher. Your learning experience with Happy English UK is completely personalised and we will follow your preferences for homework, too.

How many students can join a lesson?

All our lessons are specialist, bespoke 1 to 1 or paired (1:2) sessions, unless otherwise agreed and arranged with the teacher. A parent/carer may also log into the classroom on a separate device if preferred, to monitor the lesson.

Who can book lessons?

You must be over 18 to book lessons with Happy English UK. If the student is under 18 then the booking must be made on their behalf by a parent/carer over 18 years. By booking a lesson on behalf of someone under 18, you are confirming that you have the parents’ permission to do so.

I can’t access my class, what should I do?

If you’ve followed the directions given by the teacher but still can’t join your lesson, please contact your teacher straight away by email, social media direct message, or other agreed communication methods that you normally use with them. We will help you to find out what the problem was and whether there’s a way we can fix it together.

If the problem was in any way due to an error by Happy English UK or our systems, then we will re-schedule the class for another day.